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Corporate Governance, Committees of the board of directors and their responsibilities

The Company complies with the corporate governance regime of Canada, being its country of incorporation. The Company's main country of operation is Northern Ireland. In addition, the directors acknowledge the importance of the Combined Code. They therefore intend to comply with the Combined Code so far as is appropriate having regard to the size and nature of the Company.

Audit Committee

An audit committee comprising three or more directors, to be designated from time to time by the board, one of whom shall be designated as chair. Since admission to AIM Messrs Clancy, Alexander and Gunter sit on the Audit committee and Mr James Clancy is appointed as Chair.

The duties of the audit committee include (inter alia) the monitoring and assessment of the relationship between the management of the Company and the external auditors, and monitor and support the independence and objectivity of the external auditors.

Compensation and Corporate Governance committee

A compensation and corporate governance committee comprising of Messrs Golla and Alexander, and chaired by Mr. Golla, has no specific charter or terms of reference, but is charged with reviewing and assessing the remuneration paid to the management and executive directors in addition to guiding and reviewing the granting of stock options. The compensation and corporate governance committee is also responsible for reviewing the Company's compliance requirements.


Executive Director

Roland Phelps C.Eng MIMMM, President & CEO

 Senior Officer : Leo O’Shaughnessy : Chief Financial Officer

Non Executive Directors

L. Jack Gunter P.Eng, Chairman, (Member of Audit Committee)

R. Alexander P.Eng (Member of Audit Committee, Compensation and Corporate Goverance Committee)

James Clancy CPA (Chairman of Audit Committee)(Member of Compensation and Corporate Goverance Committee)

James I Golla (Member of Audit Committee) (Chairman of Compensation and Corporate Governance Committee)




Company Secretary
George Duguay

DSA Corporate Services Inc

36 Toronto Street
– Suite 1000,
Ontario Canada M5C 2C5

AIM Nominated Advisor

Grant Thornton UK LLP

30 Finsbury Square, London EC2P 2YU

AIM Broker

Whitman Howard

First Floor, Connaught House, 1-3 Mount Street, London W1K 3NB

AIM is the London Stock Exchange's international market for smaller growing companies.


Counsel to the Company in Canada
106 Banbury Road,
Toronto ON M3B 2L3


Solicitors to the Company in England

Gowlings (UK) LLP
15th Floor - 125 Old Broad Street


Solicitors to the Company in Northern Ireland

Elliott Duffy Garrett
34 Upper Queen Street
Belfast BT1 6FD
Northern Ireland


Canadian Registrar - Transfer Agent
Equity Financial Trust Company
200 University Avenue, Suite 400
Toronto ON M5H 4H1
Toll Free:  1 (866) 393-4891  1 (866) 393-4891
Tel:  (416) 361-0152  (416) 361-0152

Jersey Registrar
Capita Registrars (Jersey) Limited
12 Castle Street
St Helier
Jersey JE2 3RT

UK Depositary
Capita IRG Trustees Limited
The Registry, 34 Beckenham Road
Beckenham, Kent BR3 4TU
United Kingdom

Auditors to the Company
Abraham Chan LLP
300 New Toronto Street,
Toronto ON M8V 2E8

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