Rule 26 AIM

The AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange

Information pursuant to Rule 26 of the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange : AIM Rules for Companies.


Description of Business

Directors and Biographical Details 

Corporate Governance, Committees of the board of directors and their responsibilities

Country of Incorporation and Operation and statement of rights that may effect disclosure of shareholdings

Details of other exchanges or trading platforms
Galantas Gold Corporation trades on the Toronto Venture Exchange and The AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange.

AIM Securities that are not in public hands 

Details of Restrictions on Transfer  and Information regarding UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers 

Number of AIM securities in issue 

Reports pursuant to Rules 18 and 19: Please see financial statements page.

Notifications made in the last 12 months 

Nominated Adviser and other advisers 

Memorandum and Articles of Association (equivalent in a Canadian jurisdiction)

AIM Listing Document 

Share Price

TSX-V (CDN $): 0.09

AIM (£ p): 4.875

Gold Price (oz)

USD : 1,272.50

GBP : 960.99

The figures presented here are for informational purposes of current trends only and should not be considered an exact count