L. Jack Gunter

L. Jack Gunter P.Eng

Chairman, (Member of Audit Committee)

Mr. Gunter is a Licensed Professional Engineer of the Province of Ontario, Canada. He graduated in 1965 with a B.Sc (Geological Engineering) from the Michigan Technological University. He is qualified as a mining technologist from the Provincial Institute of Mining at Haileybury, Ontario and is a fellow of the Institute of Materials Minerals and Mining. Mr Gunter has been in the mining industry for over 40 years, including 8 years with Phelps Dodge Corporation and 14 years from 1975 with the RTZ Corporation, headquartered mainly out of the United Kingdom. Mr. Gunter has an intimate knowledge of the gold deposits at Omagh having been the responsible executive of the RTZ group of companies that discovered and evaluated them. He later founded Omagh Minerals Ltd which acquired the gold deposits, steering it through its initial phase of development and the public enquiry which led to the granting of planning consent for the development of the Omagh Mine.